Writing, artwork, illustration, and thoughts on all of the above.

Autumn leaf - The Rennie Farm

The Rennie Farm

The farm was going, almost gone. It was time for me to visit, although visiting at the dying end of the year would be a bitter, tender moment.

One Fire

One Fire

Now the storm was all around us, flashing and crackling as great trunks of white fire boomed down into the driveway. Then—I smell smoke.

Black bear mother and baby - the story unseen

The Story, Unseen

I see the world through a drinking straw. Only the smallest shards of light and life make it through to my eye. But there’s a payoff if I keep looking.

Lavender at home - Moved


uppose you’ve just moved into a new house, and you get a note from a friend asking how you’re doing. You could say that…

Hell Brook

Hell Brook

“Hell Brook Trail. Classification DDD – Extremely Difficult. The trail climbs steeply to the ridge, frequently on precipitous ledges. Descending the trail is not recommended.”

View from a bus - Passengers


“Isn’t it interesting who you meet when you travel?”

Life drawing of Meg

Drawing From Life

When I was young I modeled for a life drawing class. Who was that person then, and who is she now?

Barred owl

The Everyday Christmas Miracle

esterday: Christmas day. The highlight, much more than the jollity of presents and family and music, was the companionship, throughout the day, of a…