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I’m curious about nature, food, and place.

I profile food and winegrowers, tastemakers, regions, styles, and trends. Since 2008, I’ve published over 1,300 features and reviews in Terroir Review, but below is a list of my freelance clips. You can also check out my MuckRack journalist profile.


Freelance Clips

Celebrate with Cider
Cidercraft Magazine and CIDER: The State of the Industry 2023 (print)

Cider Can Learn from Wine’s Lexical Mistakes
Malus, Issue 22, Fall 2023 (print)

Malolactic Affects Wine’s Texture and Flavor; Letting it Roll (or Not) Depends on Tradition, Fashion, Chemistry, and More
Wine, Food & Friends; a publication of the International Wine & Food Society, Summer 2023 (print)

Epokale: A New Gewürztraminer for the Ages
Trink, September 2022 (paywall)

Sparkling Wine: That Quizzical Fizz
The Drop, December 2021

Is That Dill in Your Wine?
The Drop, December 2021

Is There Butter in That Chardonnay?
The Drop, December 2021

Wine Fining and Filtration Explained
The Drop, November 2021

Vegan Wines and Where to Find Them
The Drop, October 2021

Wine Acidity Can Be Good. Except When It’s Not.
The Drop, September 2021

What’s the Difference Between Oxidized and Oxidative?
The Drop, September 2021

What is Whole Cluster Fermentation?
The Drop, August 2021

The Most Important Grape You’ve Never Tasted
The Drop, July 2021

Felicity Carter Tackles Clean Wine in the Circle’s “Let’s Talk About” Webinar
The Circular, July 2021

How to Nail the Impossible Pairing: Wine and Vegetables
The Drop, July 2021

Once and Future St. Laurent
Trink, Feb. 2021

Six Easy Ways to Improve a Winery Website
Meininger’s Wine Business International, Nov. 2020

Young Red Wine: A Critic’s Doubts
Planet of the Grapes on Medium, Feb. 2020

Why This Bottle, Really? A Finger Lakes Riesling
The Art of Eating, Issue 98 (paywall)

Don’t Call Them Lesser: Obscure California Grapes Worth Discovering
The Tasting Panel Magazine, July 2017

Fresh-Washed: Washington State Wines Balance Ripeness and Restraint
The Tasting Panel Magazine, June 2017

Something for Everyone: Central Coast Chardonnay Can Please All Palates
The Tasting Panel Magazine, May 2017

Wine List Economics: Nitty-Gritty Advice
SOMM Journal, Apr.–May 2017

Beyond the Auction: There’s Lots to Say About The Rest of Premiere Week, Too
SOMM Journal, Apr.–May 2017

Balancing Act: California Red Blends with Personality
The Tasting Panel Magazine, Apr. 2017

An Entrée to Oregon Pinot Noir
The Tasting Panel Magazine, Mar. 2017

Gina Gallo on Her Palate, Her Winemaking Style, and What’s in Her Way Now
Nomacorc, Feb. 2017

Red, White, and Wind: The Best of the Petaluma Gap
The Tasting Panel Magazine, Jan.–Feb. 2017

It’s Truffle Time
The Clever Root, Jan. 2017 (print only)

Evergreen Ingredients
The Clever Root, Jan. 2017 (print only)

It’s All In The Mix
The SOMM Journal, Dec. 2016/Jan. 2017

Ten Cool Wines From the Finger Lakes
The Tasting Panel Magazine, Dec. 2016

Unique Wines for Winter Cuisine
The Tasting Panel Magazine, Nov. 2016

Where There’s Smoke
The Tasting Panel Magazine, Oct. 2016

Transition Wines
The Tasting Panel Magazine, Sept. 2016

Seriously, Who is Your Customer?
Nomacorc, July 2016

Five Great Uses for Leftover Wine
eBay, May 2016

Pairing Sparkling Wine With Cheese
eBay, May 2016

Nine Great Books for New Wine Lovers
eBay, May 2016

Wine Tips for Vegetarian Cuisine
eBay, May 2016

Five Red Grapes to Know Right Now
eBay, May 2016

Tapping Trends to Win New Wine Consumers
Nomacorc, Sept. 2015

Tasting Premium Wines Under Nomacorc: Reds
Nomacorc, Aug. 2015

Talk to Real People: Values-Based Models For Wine Marketing
Nomacorc, July 2015

Tasting Premium Wines Under Nomacorc: Whites and Pinks
Nomacorc, June 2015

Honoring the Wente Tradition, Refreshing the Wente Brand
Nomacorc, Mar. 2015

Storytelling is the New Marketing: Five Lessons for Wine Brands Shifting Toward Narrative
Nomacorc, Feb. 2015

Stephanie Gallo Keynotes April 2014 Nomacorc Exchange
Nomacorc, Aug. 2014

The Best and Worst Wines for a Potluck
Serious Eats, Mar. 2014

For Valentine’s Day, Pour Wines from Winemaking Couples
Serious Eats, Feb. 2014

Vermont Wine Party
Edible Green Mountains, Feb. 2014

How to Pair Wine With Super Bowl Snacks
Serious Eats, Jan. 2014

The Serious Eats Guide to Port
Serious Eats, Dec. 2013

The Serious Eats Cheese and Wine Pairing Cheat Sheet
Serious Eats, Dec. 2013

The Fifth Annual Palate Press Grand Tasting: A Judge’s Report
Palate Press, Nov. 2013

What is Port? Myths and Tips, Nov. 2013

Training Matters: 8 Effective Strategies For Efficient, Effective Staff Education
Beverage Media, Oct. 2013

Deirdre Heekin: Vermont Garagista with a European Sensibility
Edible Green Mountains, Oct. 2013

What I Learned Inside the CIA
Palate Press, Sept. 2013

Monastrell: It’s From Murcia
Palate Press, July 2013

Lingering Flavors, Lingering Questions: Tasting Grüner Veltliner with Aldo Sohm
Palate Press, May 2013

Wine With Salad: Pairing Tricks From The Pros
Palate Press, May 2013

Social Media for a Social Business
Beverage Media, April 2013

Learning About Writing About Wine: A Shifting Target
Palate Press, March 2013

Wine Writing: No Laughing Matter
Palate Press, Feb. 2013

Five Bottles: A New Old Way to Evaluate Wine
Palate Press, Jan. 2013

Drinking Stars: Sparkling Wines for Holiday Celebrations
Palate Press, Dec. 2012

Best Wines for Comfort Food
Palate Press, Nov. 2012

Five Reasons to Love Austrian Reds
Palate Press, Oct. 2012

Best White Wines for Fall
Palate Press, Sept. 2012

Top Ten Wine Accessories: Gizmos That Earn Their Keep
Palate Press, Aug. 2012

Wine Expert, So-Called: or How I Survived My 25th Reunion
Palate Press, July 2012

Try Zweigelt This Summer
Palate Press, June 2012

Tasting Wine, Broadly Speaking
Palate Press, May 2012

You Just Opened A What? Cooking Tips to Make Food More Wine-Friendly
Palate Press, May 2012

Wine Sample Request Etiquette—For Bloggers and Others
Palate Press, March 2012

Riesling Goes With Everything, And Sixteen Other Rules for Pairing Wine With Food
Palate Press, Feb. 2012

Tea and Wine
Alimentum: The Literature of Food, Winter 2011 (print only)

Being Cameron Hughes
Palate Press, Nov. 2010

Dottie and John Share Their Thoughts About “Open That Bottle Night”
Palate Press, Feb. 2010

A Trip to the Rhône, Part 1 and Part 2
Palate Press, Jan. 2010

Deirdre Heekin’s Bitter Alchemy
Palate Press, Oct. 2009

The Upside of Doon
Palate Press, Sept. 2009


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