Meg Maker

Hi, I’m Meg Maker.

I’m a writer and artist curious about nature, culture, food, wine, and place.

I create features for trade and lifestyle publications, including my own site, Terroir Review. I also mentor other writers and advise groups on content strategy and editorial design, and have led myriad editorial, e-commerce, and research design projects. I maintain an active fine art and illustration practice.

My work has earned praise in The New York Times and been listed as notable in Best American Travel Writing. I’ve won the Born Digital and Wine Blog awards, and was finalist for an IACP food writing award. My work on wine lexicons has been cited in The Washington Post, SevenFifty Daily, and


I’m also an editor, speaker, and adviser.

I’ve worked with publications and individual writers to develop their content and style, drawing on academic training, expertise as a user experience strategist, and experience leading creative teams. I have particular interest in taxonomy and information design; the ways we make meaning out of information and use words and imagery to share ideas and experience.

I have an ongoing interest in the language of wine and how the established lexicons affect, positively and negatively, wine education, criticism, and marketing. I’ve recently spoken about this topic at industry conferences and seminars, and am actively engaged in dialogue about ways to expand, personalize, and decolonize wine language.



Writing, artwork, illustration, and thoughts on all of the above


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