Teaching & Mentoring

Coaching groups and individuals in writing, editing, and narrative strategy

Educator, mentor, speaker, coach.

Meg Maker partners with individuals and groups to focus their work and strengthen their writing. Through training courses and one-on-one instruction, writers gain insights that allow them to make meaningful changes to their creative work—both process and product.  Her practice drafts off years of work as an editor, speaker, and teacher, and her faith that while artistry is hard to teach, technique is not.

Training Teams

Meg has led training courses for communications teams in businesses, higher educational institutions, and nonprofits. With a dual focus on narrative storytelling and analysis-driven feedback loops, she shows how readers engage with the content being published. Students develop skills that let them monitor their work—a single page, or an entire publication—and strengthen its effectiveness and impact. Recent training topics include:

  • Story-based marketing
  • Analytics to inform editorial strategy
  • Campaign tracking
  • Digital and social analytics
  • Social data mining
  • SEO for writers and editors


Meg is a popular speaker on writing, communications design, and narrative strategy. She has served as faculty and chair at national conferences in online communications, and has lectured on topics as far-ranging as content marketing, analysis-driven content strategy, user and reader experience design, blog writing, and search engine optimization.

Coaching and Mentoring Writers

Meg partners with nonfiction writers to help them develop their skills and hone their craft. She does two important things as a teacher and coach. First, she cracks open the writer’s work to examine its machinery. What’s working? What might change to make it more powerful? And she probes the writer’s own practice, too, looking for obstacles and opportunities and offering suggestions both practical and aesthetic. Meg also works with groups of students across disciplines, helping them learn ways to use text to advance personal and social objectives, harness narratives to confront truth, and use writing as an agent of personal and cultural transformation.   View a list of recent Projects and Clients.

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