Working with groups and individuals to enhance their communications impact

Meg Maker helps teams and individuals develop narratives that reach readers.

Meg works with businesses, nonprofits, and higher education clients to develop communications for lifestyle, commerce, news, and more. She also partners with writers to strengthen both their prose and their practice. The work draws upon her academic training, her experience in publication design, and her expertise as both editor and strategist.

The Approach

The work begins at the level of strategy. What are the goals, and how can communications serve those objectives? What does the organization want to say, to whom, and why? Then we look at audiences, identifying and describing the important constituencies that will form the readership or client base. Who are they and what do they want from the organization? What does this suggest for communication design? What are their preferred channels, and how can we best reach them?

With her experience in digital publishing and editorial management, she provided structure and insight into our process. The results have exceeded our expectations.

—Jeffrey Slater, The Marketing Sage

The strategic work also draws upon techniques of journalism and oral history. Gathering testimonials from stakeholders and readers via one-on-one and group interviews, we construct a vocabulary and master narrative that reveals how critical constituents think about the effort. We call these Identity Narratives, and they’re useful to publishers, educators, businesses, nonprofits, designers—anyone who believes that stories can help us make sense of the world.

Her work came at a key moment of transformation for us and helped us articulate a clear narrative that has guided our work ever since.

—Lisa Baldez, Ph.D., Director Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning

Putting all of these together—strategy plus audience needs—we flesh out content and publishing plans, then get deploy across channels, from digital to print, from social to web to mobile. We also instrument and use analysis-driven feedback loops to monitor readership, streamline editorial flow, and ensure high engagement.

Training & Speaking

Meg offers training for teams and coaching for individuals seeking to strengthen their writing and narrative work. She has worked with writers both seasoned and new, helping them refine their prose and develop their expressive skills. Meg also works with classes across disciplines, teaching students about the power of text to advance personal and social objectives. Learn more about the training, teaching, and speaking.

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